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Bring your receipt and an Official Transcript Request form to the Registrar s Office Boyden Hall room 003. Drop off a Check or Money Order made payable to Bridgewater State University with your Official after-hours drop box. Transcript Request Form Registrar s Office last updated August 2012 Processed by Date PAYMENT INFORMATION FOR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS IF YOU ARE MAILING IN AN OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST form you may Enclose a Check or Money Order made payable to Bridgewater State...
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Hello year Thirteen's on july sixth you will receive your final ib scores in order for a university college or admission Center to actually give you a place at University they will require these fine library scores these scores must compare at you from the IPO organization and not from you and not from Bangkok patent a school so you need to tell the IPO where you want them sent you don't tell them they won't send them pretty straightforward mr. ralpherz put together this webpage called university results service if you click on this alone link here you will go to this form it is very important that you complete these forms by the Bangkok patterner deadline which is monday the twenty-second of April if you are applying to australia or new zealand starting in 2014 the deadline is the first June if you have any questions about this please see myself or mr. Roth just be aware if you do not make this deadline you will have to contact the IBO yourself and request and pay for your ib scores be sent to your target institutions this is obviously stressful expensive and can cause delays to you to actually have your place confirmed so this is what you need to have a hand make sure you know your name which should be exactly at same as on all I be documentation you need your IP and remember your personal University ID and any other reference numbers you are given if your institution has more than one campus make sure you know the name of it so I'll there a few practice one so you can see the sort of things a required you get into this request for resource service for you need to complete a separate form for each institution that you want results sent to you can only choose one institution from Canada you can only choose one institution on the USA if you applied for an mission center such as you cast this camps as one request even if you're a painter five universities because you're doing it through you does it one request if you are doing any insight any institutions on top of the UK's forum for example this will be an additional form that you need to complete so whatever practice one my ib candidate code is 765 124 my name is fuzzy seller and I'm applying for you cast the five universes University of Birmingham University Bristol etc I'm just going to do it through the you guys answers one goes on expert like you can't IP number 0 36 409 both reference number not pick a book for the attention of arts but Italy international admissions office because I'm an international student I press submit that checked everything is correct before that first one is done contain be very long now I've also applied to another university in the UK outside of you pass still I need to completely deformed 0007 6512 for my name name of the institution now I'm applying to a university of bristol however there's lots of institutions in Bristol make sure it is exactly the same as the University you've applied to this case university of west england good crystal now university of...